Must-Have Products For New Moms

When you are pregnant and are expecting a baby, people are ready to jump in with a list of items you’ll need once the baby arrives. But most often they fail to mention the key details. Indeed, you need a diaper bag, but with so many (inconceivably unique) options available, how will you know which one to get? You may be asked to get a pacifier or a teether, but how will you know which pacifier all babies seem to love? This is the reason why we made a list of real mom must-haves that will help you navigate the early stages of parenthood.

Diaper Bag:

Baby Crib Diaper Bag & Backpack

One of the most important items in your parenting arsenal is a diaper bag. Get a diaper bag that can act as a diaper bag as well as your own bag. You can gear up with a stylish, all-purpose diaper bag and backpack, that can be your bag as well. The diaper bag should have tons of space to keep the diapers and storage space for milk bottles, lots of pockets for your personal belongings and one that can be easily attached to your stroller. It would be a great bag if it also has a crib with a changing pad that helps in diaper changes. 

Try this diaper bag: Baby Crib Diaper Bag Backpack, $78, Diaper Bag at

Baby Carrier:

Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip seat

Walking around with your tot will be an easy task with a baby carrier that is comfortable to wear and easy to handle.You need to know what fits your frame, so you need to look for one that has adjustable straps on your hips and on your shoulders that will evenly distribute the weight ( and save you from back pain). Plus, having an adjustable baby carrier means your partner or any other family member can use it with ease and help you carry the baby around.

Try this carrier: 360° Ergonomic Baby Carrier Backpack with Hip Seat, $76, Baby Carrier

Swaddle Blanket:

Swaddle Baby Sleeping Bag

The swaddle blanket has been comforting babies and helping moms everywhere for a long time. The blanket wrap will help your baby self-soothe and also ease them off to sleep better and faster, as being swaddled reminds them of their days back in the mother’s womb. When it’s 2 in the morning and you are trying to get your baby changed, swaddled and get them to sleep, you need a swaddle that you can wrap in a few seconds. You might have to look at swaddles that have velcro closures that many parents trust.

Try this swaddle: Swaddle Baby Sleeping Bag, $56, Baby Swaddle Blanket –

Breast Pumps:

Double Electric Silicone Breast Pumps
Double Electric Silicon Breast Pump

We as mothers understand that pumping breast milk isn’t the most easiest or pleasant of tasks. So if you plan on nursing your baby and taking time to pump milk for your tot, you need a powerful  and portable pump. With an efficient breast pump at hand you can walk around checking things off your list while your breast pump the baby’s next milk bottle.

Try this breast pump: Double Electric Silicon Breast Pump, $49, Electric Breast Pump –

Teething Toys:

Animal Shaped Wooden Teething Toys

Parents will do just about anything to reduce their baby’s teething pain. A good set of teething toys can help with your baby teething issues. You need to make sure the teething toys should not have any toxic materials and should be completely safe for the kids. Wooden teething toys are one of the best for a baby just starting to teeth.

Try this teething toy: Animal Shaped Wooden Teething Set, $32, Teething Toy –

Baby Monitor:

Mini Baby Monitor with Humidity & Temperature Detection

We understand that you wouldn’t want to leave your little one even when they are sleeping. You might be doing your chores and want to keep an eye on the baby. You need  a baby monitor to see what the baby is upto. A baby monitor is just the device you need to monitor the baby’s activity.

Try this Baby Monitor: Mini Baby Monitor with Humidity & Temperature Detect, $74, Baby Monitor –

Baby Bathtub: 

Portable Air Cushion For Baby Bathing

Your baby’s first bath at home is a memory that will stay with you, so you’ll want to get it right. A portable baby bathtub is comfortable for babies, supports the baby’s head and is adorable, too. There’s also the convenience factor: It fits right into your kitchen sink.

Try this Baby Bathtub: Portable Air Cushion for Baby Bathing, $28, Air cushion Bathtub –

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